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Attic Insulation and Ventilation Improvement

Energy bills too high?  HVAC can’t keep up and running constantly?  Temperature imbalances between rooms?  Schedule a free inspection and estimate and we will offer solutions to resolve these issues and more.

Crawlspace Improvement

Musty odors?  Does your crawlspace have deteriorated insulation and/or vapor barrier, mold or mildew, corrosion, pests or bugs?  We can improve your crawlspace, giving you multiple options to help meet your needs and budget. 

We have the right insulation solution for your home! Whether you need Spray FoamRadiant BarrierFiberglass Insulation or anything else, we've got you covered!


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How Do Fiberglass, Radiant Barrier, and Spray Foam Compare?

  1. Fiberglass is the most affordable and least performing.

  2. Radiant Barrier is mid-priced and provides a comparable thermal barrier to Spray Foam but does not air-seal as Spray Foam does.

  3. Spray Foam is the superior of the insulation types because of its high R-value and its air-sealing qualities but can be much more expensive to install than Fiberglass or Radiant Barrier.

Which insulation may be best for your improvement or project needs will largely depend on the unique aspects of the property being improved, the intended use of the space to be insulation, and the homeowners needs and budget. We will be happy to provide you with a free inspection and estimate to provide full details regarding your options and what Triangle Radiant Barrier can do for you.